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Serving The Few, The Proud, The Independents
By Brenda Clevenger, ABC

In the no-win, cross-linked world of publishing media directories, some clown has over-whitewashed the fence. Praised And Hazed>>>

It'll Pay for Itself in 240 Years
- 02/14/2014

The Kansas City Star loves to see politicians spend taxpayer money. As The Star continues pimping for expensive new facilities and infrastructure (anyone hear the whispers of local architects and contractors?) at Kansas City's airport, they've come up with an idea that would really help pay for the $1.2 billion cost -- in only 240 years!
Concessions, anyone?>>>

Coach-speak rears its amusing head at KC Chiefs training camp
- 05/29/2013

We don't honestly think coaches are as dumb as many of their media-reported quotes make it appear. But coaches and broadcasters surely can be entertaining, particularly for anyone who loves language ... and irony. Ah, Jocks!>>>

Scratched on the BarRoom Wall
© Dan Rosandich

We're Covered!
Plugs Our Product!

Newspapers around the country are cutting page sizes. The new, smaller pages, mean ...
More elbow room at Starbucks
My paper will be easier to read on the bus or subway -- or while I'm driving to work!
Less ink on my hands
Less paper for lining my birdcage and wrapping garbage
The sucker should cost less
The paper is still too damn big!


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