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Serving The Few, The Proud, The Independents
By Brenda Clevenger, ABC

In the no-win, cross-linked world of publishing media directories, some clown has over-whitewashed the fence. Praised And Hazed>>>

One Fewer PR Data, Services Company to Kick Around
- 10/16/2014
The merger of rivals Vocus and Cision reduces the number of players in the already-dwindling market for media and influencer databases and email marketing services and software. Is it buggy-whip technology or a visionary corporate leap into the future? Elephants Mating>>>

For All those Marketers Who Don't Bother to Read our Web Site
- 09/16/2014

We've been found! And for all those suppliers who have been trying to sell us search services or site optimization or marketing consulting, that's a bad thing. As it is for those who want to sell us promotional products or sales tools (or the folks who believe our personalities need a makeover ). Because we're in the midst of a major site overhaul, and certainly don't want to promote the current version of® until the improvements are in place.
Lousy Timing>>>

Scratched on the BarRoom Wall
© Dan Rosandich

We're Covered!
Plugs Our Product!

Newspapers around the country are cutting page sizes. The new, smaller pages, mean ...
More elbow room at Starbucks
My paper will be easier to read on the bus or subway -- or while I'm driving to work!
Less ink on my hands
Less paper for lining my birdcage and wrapping garbage
The sucker should cost less
The paper is still too damn big!


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